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Investment Advisor Representative


Jess Hudson

JH headshot.JPG

Jess is the owner of Vantage Financial Group and has been in the banking and the financial services industry for over 16 years.

After graduating from California State University Sacramento, he went on to work for one of the country’s largest banks, but quickly realized that the goal of large institutions doesn’t always align with the best advice for each individual client.

For the last decade he has worked diligently to ensure he's in a position to give advice free from conflicts of interest. Founding Vantage Financial Group allowed Jess to fully realize that goal. Under Vantage’s fee-based model, he is free to focus on building relationships with his clients and their families. He isn’t the type of advisor to recite industry jargon, scripted sales pitches or “hot tips,” but instead prefers a down-to-earth, straightforward approach.

Jess offers investment management of brokerage and retirement accounts, as well as financial and retirement planning. He also specializes in small business retirement plans.

When he's not working with clients you'll likely find him on a golf course, playing guitar, or spending time with his wife and daughters.

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