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Investment Advisor Representative

Office and Compliance Manager

Karsten Kaczmar

Karsten Kaczmar, Financial Advisor

Karsten Kaczmar helps busy professionals who feel torn between wanting to do good with their investments and wanting what's best for their financial goals. He provides them with a plan, a path, a portfolio, and ongoing guidance to help them foster financial freedom and positive social-environmental impact simultaneously.


He began in Finance as a commission based advisor, then transitioned to Merrill Lynch, but ultimately found the corporate structures worked against his passion to fully empower his client's financial lives in ways that match their moral compass.

His focus has always been conflict-free, client-focused advice. 


As a strictly fee-based Investment Advisor Representative,  Karsten is able to help his clients transform their financial lives without feeling the conflict of commissions—or the need to compromise on his clients' values in order to fit them into a pre-designed financial products, like most of the industry does.  


Karsten heads up the ESG and Social Impact Research at Vantage, and shows his clients strategies to maximize both returns and impact at once.


Your financial future and value system should harmonize.


Click below to schedule a complimentary 45 minute Financial & Social-Impact Analysis, where Karsten will walk you through strategies to harmonize your financial goals with your dreams for a better world: 

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